Great to be able to report that our first webinar was a tremendous success. We had a couple of dozen participants representing a good cross-section of the industry. After a momentary technical issue, we delivered what appears to be a very well received presentation on our Helix forensic vehicle investigation solution.

In fact, we twisted the delegates’ arms to fill in a short survey on the webinar experience and the topic – with 100% positive feedback! Several agreed that not only is Helix of broad general interest, it’s of specific interest to them right now.

A sure indication that the whole subject of forensic vehicle investigation must be engaging is that we had half-an-hour of questions (we answered 36 of them before we really did run out of time) when we’d allowed 15 minutes. That makes us wiser about our webinar timings for the future.

Even though the webinar was only a couple of days ago, we have already been in one-to-one discussions (virtually, of course) with a few of the participants. Others have asked that we send the webinar content to them to share amongst members of their claims teams.

And yes, we did record the webinar. So that recording is available by personal request from interested parties in the insurance and legal fields. Just drop us an email.

We will be running this webinar again, revisiting the fascinating topic of Helix in enough detail to get across the quite exceptional benefits of the service. We claim to ‘Investigate a Different Way’ and our Helix solution is no exception, which is why it is unique.

Keep in touch for information on our future webinars – not just around Helix but also on PinPoint (for unequivocal Telematics Data investigations) and on an increasing scourge linked in part to the coronavirus pandemic: Single Vehicle Accidents (SVAs). We have unique investigation solutions for these too.