Our focus

We are a corporate investigations company working closely with the insurance & legal sectors, as well as local authorities and government agencies across the UK and Ireland. Our approach is different; it is innovative, of high quality and digital-driven.

After a decade shaking up the industry, we still feel that we’ve only just started. DLB Investigations will continue to innovate with our exceptional blend of intelligent human and efficient technology resources. While our quest for improvement is never-ending, the focus remains: to investigate a different way – a way that delivers direct and tangible benefits to the growing number of clients who choose to use us.


Our background

Experience plays a role in the formation of every business. For us at DLB, that’s based on more than 20 years working with UK insurers and legal suppliers. We spent much of that time witnessing a real need for informative and cost-effective investigations. It was a simple provision rarely available from existing suppliers. Things needed to change.

Supported by a hand-picked team of highly qualified and experienced investigators, via a blend of consultant and employed roles, we founded DLB Investigations in 2012. Since then, we have delivered a consistently high-quality service, adhering to and proving our philosophy that if you do the job well, you can provide incomparable results and exceptional value.

Coverage across the entire country

Our network of field investigators cover the entirety of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and mainland Ireland; all managed from our centrally-located Midlands office.

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Our approach is different; it is innovative, of high quality and digital-driven.

We aim to provide a high quality, efficient end-to-end service that delivers clear and measurable ROI. Four key things underpin our approach:

Having worked in the industry for decades, we have a proven track record of success with challenging cases. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry, legislation, our clients’ needs and the psychology of the groups or individuals we investigate often enables us to get results where others can’t.

We believe in doing the job well, so every aspect of our service provides a level of detail that is above and beyond the industry norm. From our meticulous pre-interview planning and in-depth analysis of case evidence to our informative reports, the attention we apply to small details often makes a big difference to case outcomes.

We are committed to conducting highly professional, fully compliant investigations — we don’t cut corners. Every member of our investigation team is Level-3 qualified to meet our stringent competency requirements and our team always operates under a clear set of ethical principles and compliancy guidelines.

We use digital apps and bespoke software to make working with us efficient, simple and transparent. Our specialist case management and field investigation applications provide a complete end-to-end solution for briefing, case communication and reporting, whilst giving clients fully secure remote access and visibility of every instruction. This approach means less paperwork, shorter case life cycles and better results.