Inundated with claims? Incurring needless costs by missing deadlines? You need RTC, our Rapid Triage of Claims service.


Are you facing an ever-growing stream of claims? Do your claims teams get overwhelmed and miss key dates and decision deadlines, or incur unnecessary cost penalties as a result of claims unnecessarily dropping out?

RTC could be exactly what you need. It’s an effortless way to outsource claims assessment at times of peak volume to get everything back on track, saving the sanity of your claims teams and enhancing policyholder loyalty.


🎥 Rapid Video Interviews. As part of our innovative and responsive RTC service, we interview your policyholders via secure video technology within 24 hours of receiving your instruction. With our ‘on-the-fly’ approach, we gather accurate and necessary information promptly, to expedite the entire claims process.

📜 Signed Statements On-the-Go. Our bespoke QEST in-house software lets us obtain digitally-signed statements that eliminate the delays associated with traditional paperwork. It ensures claims decisions are made swiftly and filing to the Portal can be achieved in a matter of minutes.

🔍 Indemnity and Fraud Assessment. With our advanced screening tools and one of the industry’s most experienced investigations teams, we promptly assess indemnity and fraud risks. That allows early detection of claims fraud helping you to minimise or eradicate claims leakage.

⏱️ 48-Hour Turnaround. Experience the speed and power of RTC efficiency. We handle the entire claims screening process diligently and get everything back on your desk within 48 hours – fully analysed and ready for immediate action.

🔒 Secure and Compliant. All communications are via our proprietary Case Management System, which is 256-bit encrypted, so sensitive data is never compromised. It provides rigorous security and ensures compliance with industry standards. Your client information is safeguarded, while all our processes adhere to strict British Standards Institution (BSI) protocols.

🌟 Actionable Insights. You can easily leverage our comprehensive report to gain constructive insights into the claims and the parties involved. It saves you valuable time, helping you optimise operations and improve decision-making.

Wave goodbye to costly claims processing delays. With RTC, we handle OIC portal claims assessments swiftly, accurately and within a fixed budget, ensuring compliance and transparency from beginning to end. Transform your new claims triage and handling with RTC!


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