We organised a webinar on our new Helix service for 10th February, hoping that some in the insurance and legal industries might be inspired to learn more about this fascinating new approach to forensic vehicle investigations.

Our expectations were quickly exceeded by the uptake, such that we’ve decided to cap attendance at 30 people to maintain the interaction – and resolved to organise another Helix webinar in the near future.

We look forward to telling the attendees about the astonishing benefits of interrogating the data stored in the electronic control units and infotainment systems that constitute the digital DNA of modern vehicles. The insights this data can reveal about the real facts of an event behind a claim are exceptional. We only launched the service late last year and it’s already delivering results. Large Loss teams at Insurance firms should be very excited.

If you’re registered for the webinar, get ready to sit back, relax, and let us show you how we have taken forensic vehicle investigation to a whole new level. If you’re reading this news after the event, you will be able to join David Booker, Harry Pothecary and Noel Lowden for another informative and interactive Helix webinar very soon.

You can read more about Helix here, or contact us for detailed information on our unique Helix service.