Empower your policyholders and give them an unparalleled claims journey that is so efficient it will stay in their minds long into the future.


We have developed a unique online claims platform that features intelligent and sophisticated backend processes for data collection that are entirely contextual. Built from the ground up, using the very latest AI technology, the eNOL+ platform takes a whole new approach to first notification. When developing the platform, we focused on creating a fast, accurate and empathetic claims data capture solution that is simple to use.

Given the large number of ways a motor incident can occur, every question asked depends on the previous answer. Questions are always relevant to the policyholder’s circumstances, giving the claims experience a dynamic flow that allows your policyholder to fully embrace the experience.

As well as the claims data, a fully detailed report covering all key outcomes arrives on your system within minutes.


Not only does our revolutionary electronic Notification Of Loss (eNOL+) give your policyholders the ability to submit claims and evidence 24/7, it takes your understanding of every claim to a whole new level. Automated ‘Day One’ triage deploys the very best AI to understand issues such as liability and indemnity, and immediately identifies any fraud concerns.

eNOL+ requests specific information during the claim reporting process, such as photographs, locus information and third-party and witness details. All questions are asked in a courteous and professional manner and with a human touch. At the conclusion of the procedure, the policyholder submits the data and is provided with your claims reference.


Reports from the eNOL+ system immediately provide claims handlers with full visibility of the claim, including potential next steps that account for liability, indemnity and fraud. How does that work? The accuracy and consistency of our AI technology determines the liable party from the information provided by the policyholder, while automated contextual searches and risk calculations determine the likelihood of the claim being fraudulent.

These intelligent searches look for key indicators of indemnity breaches or anomalies. They take place in the background even as the policyholder is reporting the claim. Smart algorithms provide valuable insights into the information submitted with very high levels of confidence. Claims handlers can be assured that each claim has been fully assessed and automatically triaged. The rapid response from eNOL+ dramatically reduces cycle times.


Our vast experience of investigating fraudulent claims gave us a solid foundation to create a platform that really does identify potential fraud. eNOL+ screens for anomalous information in real time. It ensures you get a ‘heads-up’ that is both insightful and actionable, right from the very start.


Language barriers that can traditionally present challenges to effective self-service solutions have been overcome. The power of AI technology behind eNOL+ allows the platform to automatically conduct claims journeys in any language.


As the policyholder enters claims information into the front end, real-time background verification takes place concurrently. eNOL+ is built with a comprehensive suite of validation tools right out of the box to highlight any potential indemnity issues – before the claim incurs considerable financial costs.


The returns on a small investment in eNOL+ are astounding. And immediate. Savings start right from the outset: no claim handlers waiting on phones for calls; no delay as your handlers review claims to decide what steps to take next or who to send it to. That’s done for you.

All the normal Day One actions are automated. Claims arrive at your system as if they were new claims – but with all the information, additional data, insights and triage taken care of.

With the introduction of the Official Injury Claim service (OIC), it’s vital that you take control of the costs associated with a claim. By automatically capturing third parties’ details, our eNOL+ platform ensures that you protect your expenditure and minimise potential losses.

And there’s a final ROI benefit. The enhanced level of service provided by eNOL+ may secure you a future policyholder. Once a third-party experiences the positive, efficient and professional level of your service, they may never want to battle thought a claim with their own insurers again.


eNOL+ is like being in the driver’s seat from the very beginning. Get in touch to learn how it can work for you.

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