Our comprehensive Liability Investigation service blends cutting-edge digital technology with insurance sector expertise and industry knowledge.


Our industry knowledge combined with the use of digital technology enables us to deliver Liability Investigation services that feature a high level of both case detail and efficiency.

Our pre-screen background intelligence enquiries immediately highlight potential issues or anomalies that may give cause for concern.

Clients typically receive intelligence reports within 24 hours of instruction. Suspicious cases that we highlight include our findings and recommendations for an investigative strategy. Mobile tablet technology allows field investigators to obtain valuable insights from observational data, location visits, static and video imagery and mapping. Uploaded to our secure, BSI-compliant digital platform, these detailed and factual client reports can be immediately accessed by the insurer.

We also recognise that not everyone requires all the ‘Bells and Whistles’ of our full Liability Investigation service but may simply need key evidential information to positively advance a claim. Or a dependable and effortless way to outsource OIC portal claims for rapid assessment and triage at times of peak volume. That’s where our restructured Liability Lite service delivers. It allows you to select the elements you need with a responsive 48-hour turnaround and a fixed budget.


Our full Liability Investigation service is applicable to:

  • Motor claims
  • Household claims
  • Employers Liability claims
  • Public Liability claims
  • GAP insurance claims

The Liability Investigation service includes:

  • Counter fraud pre-screen report
  • Signed Statements
  • Locus reports (Videos & photographs)
  • Sketch Diagrams
  • Vehicle damage videos
  • Document verification
  • Full investigation report


To find out more or to enquire about our Liability Investigation service, please contact us.

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