A market-leading fraud and theft investigation service with an outstanding (and unprecedented) success ratio.


No other business handles fraud investigations like DLB. Our model always puts quality first, making us more thorough but never slower.

Hand-selected fraud investigators obtain striking results and secure significant savings for our clients. Specialist case managers oversee the investigation lifecycle, working with our field investigation teams on an ‘intelligence-led’ approach to deliver positive outcomes.

We will not cut corners with pro-forma interview templates nor do we simply take a statement. We conduct in-depth, compliant and effective investigations, to materially advance every case and demonstrate a tangible ‘return on investment’


Our counter-fraud investigations cover the following areas:

  • Organised motor
  • Motor Theft
  • Household
  • GAP
  • Creditor
  • LSI
  • Large loss
  • Vehicle fleet
  • Credit hire claims
  • EL and PL
  • Travel


To find out more or enquire about our fraud investigation capabilities and services please contact us.

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