Losing touch with your current or former customers can be a significant cost for your organisation. Absent debtors often result in financial losses that may impact many areas of your business, causing various degrees of disruption, much of which can often be avoided. Restoring that contact presents an opportunity to recover losses.


Our Trace & Locate product can be used to trace individuals who have seemingly vanished. With access to numerous databases, combined with our proven investigative expertise, we deliver unrivalled success rates.

Beyond simply finding and confirming the address of individuals, we find that we can often provide helpful additional contact information, such as telephone numbers and email addresses.

All our enquiries are discreet. We leave no digital footprint. And all our investigative operations are managed in a fully controlled environment, secured with 256-bit technology.

DLB Investigations remains fully compliant with all Data Protection legislation at all times and is ISO UKAS certified for quality and process control.


To find out more or enquire about our trace and locate capabilities and services please contact us.

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