This month we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the creation of DLB Investigations Ltd. It’s an important milestone, especially for a business that wanted to change some of the die-hard traditions and overcome the inertia we saw in the claims investigation sector.

It has been a tough ten years. But it’s been hugely rewarding too. A decade ago, we set out with a fresh idea: to provide clients with an exemplary service time after time, and with a quality of product that gave a measurable return on investment.

From first-hand experience and as part of our ‘shake it up’ initiative, we knew that investigation spend is a protected resource and concluded that it should be deployed thoughtfully on cases that are worthy – and only at a time that is completely appropriate and where a return on that investment is meaningful.

Over the years, our clients have continually offered positive feedback. It endorses our philosophy and helps to prove that a job done well does pay real dividends. It’s a commercial proposition that works, as more and more people are finding out.

Some of our decade of progress is apparent. New staff, bigger offices, many new and satisfied clients. The business has grown organically as our reputation spreads. What’s less evident to the casual observer is the impact we’ve been able to make for our clients and the outstanding savings they’ve made thanks to our efforts. We cannot name them for obvious reasons but it’s good to learn that we are being recommended to other companies as a result of our achievements.

As we look forward, we will build on our reputation and the solid foundation we’ve created over the past 10 years to bring more services to the market that deliver direct and tangible benefits to the clients who choose to use DLB Investigations.

One thing is certain. I can promise you that our desire for improvement is never-ending. The accolades we’ve earned along the way show that we are a diligent, robust, effective and transparent company to work with. Old clients and new appreciate that. We continually strive to ensure that when you choose to work with us, our quality starts high and remains high. It never wavers or reverts to type once we have bagged the new client. That’s not the DLB way.

A decade may have passed but we’ve only just started. You can expect more as we innovate with an exceptional blend of intelligent human and efficient technology resources. We will be Investigating a Different Way long into the future.

By David Booker, Director.