Breaking News...

As new members of the Managing General Agents Association, we have been invited to present at the organisation's forthcoming conference in London on 29th June.

These are quick pitch slots of just a few minutes in duration, so no chance of anyone getting bored or enduring 'Death by Powerpoint!' Our intention, other than a very short introduction to DLB Investigations for the couple of hundred delegates expected, is to focus on Helix.

Right now, Helix is inspiring many of our clients as they come to realise the value of the unique forensic investigation experience and the results we deliver through Helix. With many cases under our belt, clients have also been surprised (even astonished) at the cost-effectiveness of Helix. That's just one advantage of our investment in the digital technology that's the foundation of Helix.

We'll tell you more about some of those Helix cases soon. And we will update you about the MGAA event after the conference.

Stay tuned...

Meanwhile, if you are in Houndsditch on Wednesday 29th June, why not consider attending the MGAA 2022 Conference? You can register here.