Helix is all about the truth. Many people know it can be a game changer in motor claims investigations. But we want everyone to know. That’s why we’re presenting a ‘Personal Lines Insight’ session on Helix at the MGAA on Thursday 21st September.

Helix Vehicle Data Forensics specialises in uncovering accurate and crucial information relating to vehicle incidents. Most modern vehicles store vital data. Helix can process that data to provide substantial evidence either supporting or undermining a motor claim. Our expertise at DLB investigations lies in knowing how to extract and analyse this data to establish the truth behind each case.

Attend this session if you can, either in person at the MGAA offices (1 Minster Court, London EC3R 7AA) or join us via Zoom.

We promise you’ll learn about the fundamental concepts and principles of Vehicle Data Forensics and its role in investigating vehicle incidents and accidents. We’ll be covering the significance of various data sources found in modern vehicles, including onboard computers, black boxes, and electronic systems, and how this data can be used as critical evidence in forensic analysis. Then we’ll list the essential tools and technologies used and summarise the step-by-step process needed to conduct a comprehensive vehicle data forensics examination, from data acquisition and preservation to analysis and the interpretation of findings.

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