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For the ultimate insight into the fascinating volumes of telling and useful forensic data automatically logged and stored in modern vehicles, what better way than to learn first-hand, in person, from one of the industry’s leading experts?

We are running an exclusive free live event on Thursday 2nd March to reveal the power of vehicle data to event delegates and show them how we use it at DLB Investigation in our Helix service as a source of probative and irrefutable evidence.

The Helix event presenter is Noel Lowdon, our resident expert and one of the UK’s leading lights in the field of vehicle data technology and analysis. Noel’s expertise is widely deployed in criminal investigations, including high-profile murders and drug offences.

Our founder and CEO of DLB Investigations Ltd, David Booker, recognised early on that the power of modern vehicle data was paramount to delivering robust evidence in civil insurance investigations. That’s why Noel joined forces with DLB and created ‘Helix’, which is the name for our vehicle forensics service – so-called because we get into the DNA of vehicles via the onboard systems.

Since the launch of our Helix service some 18 months ago, we have undertaken numerous investigations where vehicle forensics have been able to prove indisputably that a claim was false. In that time, it has saved our insurance clients millions – and that’s no exaggeration.

What do you need to know in principle to whet your appetite? Only this really: a modern car typically generates around 25 Gigabytes of data every hour on almost every aspect of the vehicle and its use including steering movements, braking, acceleration, cornering g-forces, seat belt usage, airbag deployments, geolocation and even devices connected to the in-car entertainment system and when they were being used. It’s no wonder that cars themselves and the data they contain are increasingly being viewed as a source of powerful intelligence and evidence.

So what would you like to know in detail? Simple. Come and find out for yourself just how easily this vehicle data can be obtained and analysed by Helix, and then utilised as significant evidence in claim types such as fraud, stolen (once recovered), liability, large or catastrophic loss and fatal injury.

Noel’s Helix presentation will not only transform your understanding of modern vehicles, their onboard systems and the data they generate, but also conclusively demonstrate how your claim investigations will be dramatically enhanced, leading directly to more ‘walkaways’ and, perhaps more importantly, impermeable repudiations.

Our live Helix event is free and will take place at a business venue in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, on 02 March 2023 at 10.30am. We will be providing light refreshments. Sign up using our Eventbrite page.